Colombo Engineering

Colombo Engineering was formed in 1985 with a “Vision” to be the most efficient, most excellent and most high quality ship repairing service in Sri Lankan waters.

Colombo Engineering is an Organization located in Sri Lankan waters which offers a complete comprehensive service to ships’ when in the Indian Ocean.

The company has a fully-equipped Marine Engineering facility for ship repair work. The most modern technology and the equipment for underwater services and backed-up by a fleet of high-powered crafts to respond to all distress requirements in the high seas.

All its functions and services are performed whilst the ships are afloat and therefore dry-docking or any special berthing requirements are not required. Repairs can be carried out on ships during discharging or loading of cargo or containers, when bunkering, or when the ships are at anchor outside the harbour or in the high seas. The organization specializes in its services off-port and can even carry out repairs to ships in the high seas working non-stop both day and night.

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