Our Workshop

Colombo Engineering uses the most advanced machinery in its marine engineering facility and has the latest precision machinery for manufacturing or re-conditioning of ships machinery. Modern fabrication systems are available for heavy steel fabrication or repair. A complete range of mobile ship repair tools are always at hand for immediate mobilization for the toughest repair jobs.

For its underwater services and operations Colombo Engineering possesses the most modern technology and equipment developed, including a range of underwater video cameras and surface video feed monitoring equipment for conducting underwater search and visual inspections up to a depth of 1000 feet. Its range of underwater cameras provide immediate viewing of all underwater damages to ships within minutes and the most sophisticated wireless underwater communication systems are utilized to communicate between the divers working underwater and the engineers on the surface. Underwater search operations are carried out using ultra-sonic pulse search equipment for the immediate location and recovery. A complete range of flotation lift equipment is available to be deployed for salvage operations and on repair and maintenance work on off-shore terminals.

Colombo Engineering also has specialized mechanically operated underwater ship cleaning and polishing equipment to clean the hull of the ship in order to increase the ships speed and fuel efficiency.

The organization has a highly skilled and efficient workforce that comprises of qualified engineers, professional and skilled divers, experienced and efficient ship repairmen, certified welders, competent steel fabricators, electricians, fitters, riggers and technicians to handle the toughest of jobs. All employees are fully committed to the “vision” of the company which is to deliver a speedy efficient, quality service to the customer.

The organization operates a large fleet of modern high powered crafts to encounter any weather conditions and are fully equipped to proceed to sea, to respond to any emergency or attend to ships’ requirements.

State of the art equipment and a highly experienced workforce coupled with a speedy response make Colombo Engineering the most efficient and reliable ship service organization in Sri Lankan waters.